Use your SIP Phone

The features mentioned in this article should work with the following devices:

  • Grandstream
  • Yealink
  • Ubiquiti
  • Cisco SPA

Dial an Extension

Once your Admin has assigned extensions to your team members, dial the extension # directly into your SIP and press Call/Dial (or wait 3 seconds for automatic dialing). 

Extension dialing is only available between team members in the same Company. If your Company has more than one Office, extensions will work across multiple Offices as well. 

Place a Call

With either your handset or headset, you can place a call by:

  • Direct Dial
  • Scanning through Call History

Dialpad Tip: Using a headset? Plug it into the wired headset connector on the back of your SIP then press the Headset button.

Receive a Call

You can receive a call by:

  • Picking up your headset
  • Pressing Answer

Depending on if you have a headset connected, pressing Answer will connect your call via speakerphone (headset) or through the handset.

Call Controls

When it comes to call controls, we suggest using your desktop app to initiate controls as not all SIP phones will offer the controls you’re familiar with on your desktop/mobile app.

This also includes toggling yourself on/off DND mode.

Dialpad Tip: On your desktop, click Active Call>View Call Controls to access.

Switch to this Device

To switch a call to your SIP device:

  • Dial your Dialpad personal number (area code included) on your SIP device
  • This will connect the call to your SIP phone

To move the call back to the desktop, open your desktop app and click on your caller's name under Active Calls. On the screen that appears, click Switch Call to this Device

Caller ID

To adjust how your outbound caller ID appears, navigate to your global caller ID settings.

Inbound Caller ID

Incoming calls to your Main Line or Dept. will display that line’s number on your caller ID. Calls to your direct line will show your caller’s ID.

Block your Caller ID

If you're looking for a little privacy, you can opt to block your caller ID by dialing *67 before entering in your recipient's area code and number.

Check Your Voicemail

You can check your voicemail directly from your SIP. Just dial in your Dialpad number and when prompted, enter your User & Voicemail PIN.

After you listen to your messages, you'll be able to Archive, Keep as New, or Play Again.