Send & Receive a Fax

Send a Fax

You can send a fax from either a Main Line, Department, and Call Center or your direct user account. If you want to send a fax from your direct line, have your Admin add a fax line to your user account.

To get started, click on Send a Fax to open a new Compose screen.

From here you can either search the recipient's name or type their number manually. Plus, if you're sending a fax from a shared line, you can adjust the ID From the New Fax From drop-down. 

Once you've selected your recipient, click on Upload a File to search through your own files. The following supported file types must be less than 10MB: 

  • .doc and .docx
  • .pdf
  • .ppsx
  • .ppt and .pptx
  • .tif
  • .jpg and .jpeg
  • .png
  • .xls and .xlsx
  • .txt
  • .html
  • .gif

As soon as you select the right file, it will automatically be sent as a fax.

You'll be able to view this transaction in the conversation thread, with a fax icon to show that your fax has been sent. 

Dialpad Tip: Did you know that you can fax international numbers?

Receive a Fax

When someone sends you a fax, it will trigger an incoming message notification. Clicking on the notification will open the conversation thread where you can click on the fax icon to view.

We'll also send you an email notification, with a link to download the fax.

If you prefer, you can turn the email confirmations off. Just navigate to>Your Profile>Voicemail & Missed Calls to uncheck this option.


Have more questions about faxing? Check out our FAQ.