Send & Receive a Message

Dialpad allows you to send SMS messages through the desktop app to your team members and to regular phone numbers for free.

Messaging in Dialpad vs. SMS and MMS

Messages sent through Dialpad are sent via an internet connection. However, if the contact you're messaging is a non-Dialpad user, messages are sent via traditional SMS networks. In either case, sending and receiving messages is free as part of your account.

Send an SMS

Messages sent to users outside of Dialpad are SMS (short message service).

To send an SMS:

  1. Click on New Message
  2. Type your contact's number
  3. Click enter to select
  4. Click New Message at the bottom of your screen to begin typing

By default, your message will be sent from your personal Dialpad number, although you'll have the option to change this at the top of your screen if you've been assigned as an Operator on another line.  

Send an MMS

Messages sent to users outside of Dialpad that include a photo and/or video are MMS (multimedia messaging service).

To send a photo and/or video:

  • Drag and drop the file right into your conversation thread
  • Click on the camera icon to browse through your files


Supported MMS Files

Whether in a group or a one-on-one Dialpad chat, MMS between Dialpad and PSTN is limited to 2MB for both images and video. Between Dialpad users in group or Dialpad chat, the size limit is 32MB. 

Here's a list of all the supported file formats:


Note: SMS or MMS over 5K is not supported on either iOS or Android apps.

Send a Chat

Messages sent between Dialpad users are considered a chat and incorporate the ability to send text, photos, and videos.


Rather say it with a GIF? Just add a /giphy and your word then press Enter to display a GIF matching your entry. Hover over the GIF to display the searched word.


Send a Group Message

  1. Click on New Message
  2. Start typing in your contact's names and/or numbers
  3. After each contact name and/or number, press enter to add another contact to your recipient list
  4. Once all contacts are added, click on New Message at the bottom of your screen to begin typing


You can always add more recipients by clicking on Add Members in your right-hand sidebar


Need a little break? Any group that has more than 4 users within it (including yourself) will give users the option to remove themselves from the group. Just hover over your name to select.


Receive a Message

If you're actively working in the desktop app, Dialpad will notify you via your Recent Contacts sidebar.


If you're working outside of the desktop app, Dialpad will send you a push notification displaying your contact's name, photo (if applicable) and a preview of their message.

Dialpad Tip: Worried you'll miss the message notification? We got your back—we display a badge notification right on the desktop app icon.

Search a Message

To search for a specific term or phrase, type the term into your Search field to pull up any related messages. We'll display results after two characters.


Your search term is highlighted in blue in your Search screen. Click on the message to pull up the moment this term was mentioned in your conversation history.

Copy a Message

Hovering over your message will display a drop-down menu that includes copy.


If you want to paste your copied message into the text field, you can either use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V (Windows) and Cmd+V (Mac) or right-click and select Paste.

Delete a Message

Hovering over your message will display a drop-down menu that includes Delete or Delete Thread.


If you select Delete, the currently selected message will be deleted. If you select Delete Thread, all messages within the conversation thread will be deleted (including call and voicemail notifications).

You'll be prompted to confirm before deleting a thread.


Right Click Options

When using the native app, right-click on links, images, or text to reveal options including Copy, Save, or Open in Browser.


Archive a Message

Need to clean up past conversations? Right-click a contact in your Recent list to Archive the conversation.


Keep the following in mind:

  • Archiving doesn't delete conversation history
  • Archiving doesn't delete your contact
  • If you select an archived conversation from your Search screen, it'll reappear in your Recent list.


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ.