Record Your Voicemail

At Dialpad, we're all about individuality. The generic, robo-voicemail just isn't going to cut it. That's why we give you the option to record or upload your own .mp3 file.

You can customize a greeting by:

  • Recording/uploading from your computer (requires Chrome)
  • Recording from your phone

Let's take a look at the steps for each.

Record from your Computer

  • Navigate to > Your Settings > Voicemail & Missed Calls
  • Select Record a Greeting
  • A pop-up will appear prompting you to name your greeting, followed by a record button

Recorded greetings are capped off at 45 seconds. Once you've completed your recording, you'll have the option to Playback, Rename, or Delete

Upload from your Computer

Uploading your own .mp3 file requires:

  • Max. file size of 10MB
  • Google Chrome

You can record/upload more than one voicemail greeting.

Record from your Phone (voicemail PIN)

To record from your phone, you'll need your User & Voicemail PIN which can be found in your Profile Settings.

Your User & Voicemail PIN can be used to:

  • Record your voicemail greeting
  • Remotely check your voicemail
  • Toggle yourself on/off DND


To access any of the above-mentioned options:

  1. Call your personal Dialpad # from your forwarding phone or desk phone*
  2. Enter your User & VM PIN
  3. Select the desired option

*Forwarding phone and desk phone must be connected to your Dialpad account.

Dialpad Tip: Click Change to generate a new User & Voicemail PIN at any time.



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