Agent State Behavior Change


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Who will this impact?

Contact Center Agents and Supervisors

What is changing and why?

Currently, Agents can receive direct calls while they are ‘On-duty’,  which prevents them from receiving Contact Center Calls.  This is not trackable via analytics, and Supervisors and Admins are unable to report on an Agents' activity outside of Contact Center calls.

With our updated product, Admins will be able to choose if their Agents remain in an Available or a Busy state when they are receiving or placing direct calls (or whilst they are in a meeting). 

Let's take a look at what this means.

  • Available: When an Agent remains Available, they can receive both direct and Contact Center calls.  If they miss the Contact Center call, they will be put into an “Off-duty” state.
    • This allows you to prioritize Contact Center calls over all other calls 
  • Busy: When an Agent remains in a Busy state, they are unable to receive a Contact Center call until they revert back into an Available state. This state will not allow for wrap-up, or dispositions, and upon the termination of a call, the Agent will immediately revert to an Available state. 
    • This allows for Agents to handle other calls outside of Contact Center calls

In the future, Admins will be able to specify which calls keep agents Available or Busy.

When will this be released?

Soon! This feature will be released in Q1 of 2023.

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