View a Contact Center Dashboard

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Contact Center dashboards unlock real-time insights in performance through metrics such as Call Duration and Speed to Answer.

If you're seeking more historical data, we recommend using the Analytics menu.

Let's take a look at the Supervisor dashboard for a ContactCenter in Dialpad.

Access a Contact Center Dashboard

Web Portal


From, navigate to Admin Settings Call Centers View Call Center Dashboard.

You can also select the Call Centers icon located in the left sidebar. It will launch a dashboard for the Office's first Call Center, then you can choose a different Call Center if desired.

Desktop App


From the Dialpad app, navigate to Call CentersDashboard. It will then launch a dashboard for this Call Center in a new web browser tab.

'All Call Centers' Dashboard


Dialpad allows you to view all Call Centers in a single dashboard. From, navigate to Call Centers and select All Call Centers.

Choose to gather data from the current hour, the previous hour, the last 2 hours, the last 4 hours, the last 8 hours, or the entire day.

Customize the columns in this dashboard to see information for each Call Center available:

  • Call Center name
  • Call Center abbreviated name
  • # of calls on hold
  • Longest wait time
  • # of Agents available
  • # of Agents on a call
  • # of Agents in wrap-up
  • # of inbound calls answered
  • # of voicemails received
  • # of outbound calls made
  • Average speed to answer (ASA)
  • Service level
  • Average call duration
  • Link to dashboard

If you're choosing to display a link to a dashboard, select View and the dashboard for a specific Call Center will open.

Summary Metrics


Call Center dashboards offer a variety of metrics, but first make sure that you're adjusting it to gather data in the desired timeframe.

Choose to gather data from the current hour, the previous hour, the last 2 hours, the last 4 hours, the last 8 hours, or the entire day.

Get an understanding of overall activity in the Call Center. Here are the metrics appearing at the top of the dashboard:

  • Handled Calls (along with inbound, outbound, and connected callback totals for those calls)
    • Note: Calls that are connected to an Agent; can include calls in progress
  • Total Minutes (along with inbound and outbound totals for those calls)
  • Total Missed Calls (along with total voicemails for those calls)
  • Abandoned Calls (along with short abandoned, forwarded totals for those calls)

Select a call volume metric, and you'll be taken to the Call History menu for that subset of calls.

Call Volume & Call Duration 


Call Center dashboards display charts for Call Volume and Call Duration metrics.

Use the Call Volume widget to see answered calls, voicemails, missed calls, abandoned calls, and short-abandoned calls. In the Call Duration widget, you'll see a daily measurement (dark blue) in hourly increments as well as a trend line (light blue) comparing the day against the 7-day average.

Both allow you to filter for inbound or outbound calls. Hover over data in either to get a more exact view of a specific time and its performance.

Agent Status, Live Calls, & Service Level


Agent Status is a metric in the Call Center dashboard that provides a live view of the total number of Agents assigned to this Call Center and their statuses.

You'll also find the Live Calls metric here to view the number of calls in progress and queued.

Service Level, meanwhile, displays the percentage of calls answered during open hours within the time threshold set for that Call Center (default is 60 seconds). Short Abandonded Calls are excluded, and the answer time is calculated as the difference between the moment the call arrives ('date_started') and when it connects to an Agent ('date_connected').

Hold Queue Metrics


Speed to Answer, Abandon Rate, and Agents:Callers are all hold queue metrics in a Call Center dashboard.

In the Speed to Answer widget, you'll see the amount of time callers wait to speak to an Agent. It displays the shortest, average, and longest times.

Abandon Rate, in addition to the percentage itself, also displays the shortest, average, and longest times for callers abandoning calls to this Call Center.

Agents:Callers is a ratio that helps identifies the current handling capacity (or lack thereof). Agents included are those available to take calls, on a call, or in wrap up time for the given call center specifically. Callers included are those currently on a call, or in the hold queue for the given call center.

Agent Leaderboard


Use the Agent leaderboard in a Call Center dashboard to review these statistics:

  • Agent status
  • # of inbound calls
  • # of total minutes
  • Average call duration
  • # of total texts
  • # of missed calls
  • # of outbound calls
  • Total wrap-up time
  • Total idle time

Select an Agent and you'll be taken to the Call History menu for their subset of calls.

Visit this Help Center article to learn more about Call Centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the total row of the "Agents Available" column on the All Call Centers dashboard not add up to the sum of the numbers in the rows for all the call centers above it?

A: The total row for "Agents Available" calculates the number of distinct agents, as it's possible that an agent can be available in more than 1 call center at the same time which the rows for each call center would show

Q: Which agents are included in the agent leaderboard and agent status widgets? 
A: Users who have been added to call center being viewed, and who also have an active account state are included. This means that cancelled, suspended, pending invite, and deleted users will not be shown.