Access Call Center Supervisor Dashboard

Call Center Supervisor Dashboard is available on Call Center Pro and Enterprise plans

Your Call Center Dashboard gives you real-time insights into today's performance of your Call Center with metrics like Call Durations and Wait Times. For more historical data, we suggest switching over to Analytics

Access your Dashboard

Your Call Center dashboard lives on the Dialpad web portal. As a Supervisor, you'll be able to access the dashboard for your specific Call Center by either: 

  • Selecting Dashboard from your Call Center screen on your desktop app
  • Selecting Dashboard from your Call Center page on the web portal 



Time Toggle & Summary Metrics 

On your Call Center Dashboard, you'll notice a timeframe toggle that allows you to adjust the timeframe you're viewing, from last hour to all day. 


Your summary metrics display the general overall activity on your Call Center and include inbound and outbound metrics for:

  • Completed Calls
  • Total Minutes
  • Missed Calls 
  • Abandoned Calls 


Dialpad Tip: You can toggle between Call Centers by selecting it from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen. 

Call Volume & Duration 

The Call Volume widget breaks down both inbound and outbound calls by type, like Answered vs Voicemail. Just select Inbound or Outbound to toggle between. 

The Call Duration widget displays the day's averages in hourly increments (dark blue line) as well as a trendline for comparing the day's data against the last 7-days (light blue line). 

Agent Status & Service Level 

Your Agent Status widget offers a live view of the total number of Agents assigned to your Call Center and their respective statuses. 


The Customer Service Level calculates the percentage of calls answered within 60 seconds of entering your hold queue. In the future, you'll be able to configure your service level (e.g. 30 seconds, etc.) 

Hold Queue Metrics 

At the bottom of your dashboard is your hold queue metrics, that include stats like Wait Time, Abandon Rate, and Agents:Callers ratio. 


Wait Time displays the average wait for callers in your hold queue, as well as the shortest and longest hold times. 

Abandon Rate displays the percentage of inbound calls abandoned during the timeframe you selected above and include shortest and longest time before abandoning. The average number represents the average abandon time. 

Agent:Callers Ratio provides you with an idea of how overall call volume compares to your call handling capacity. 


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