Dialpad Free FAQs

Can we sign up for Dialpad Free with accounts other than G Suite or Office 365?

Absolutely! You can use any other email provider to sign up for Dialpad Free. 

Why can't I verify my mobile number? 

It may be your mobile carrier. Dialpad will send a mobile verification to devices powered by facility-based mobile operators  (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.). 

Is Dialpad Free available outside the US?

Not at this time. Dialpad Free is available within the contiguous United States (excludes Hawaii and Alaska). 

Does Dialpad Free support placing/receiving carrier calls?

No. Dialpad Free only allows calling through HD (i.e. VoIP). You'll be able to place and receive calls over HD: 

  • Connected to a WiFi network
  • Through a mobile data connection (4G/LTE)

Due to this limitation, Dialpad Free teams are also not able to add a forwarding number. If you're on a Free team and want to connect your mobile device, we suggest downloading the mobile apps for iOS or Android and placing/receiving calls over HD. 

Can we place and receive calls from Dialpad Free?

Yes. While you'll have unlimited inbound/outbound calling between your own team members plus unlimited inbound minutes for contacts outside of your Organization, there are some limitations when it comes to placing and receiving calls. Those include:

  • Inbound calls on your Main Line 
    • Calls reach your team via Dial by Name or Dial by Extension 
  • Outbound calls on your Main Line and/or direct user line 
    • Limited to 100 total outbound minutes per month (minutes refresh each month)
  • No international calling 
  • No calls to HI or AK

Can we send and receive messages from Dialpad Free?

Yes. While you have unlimited messaging between your team members, there are a few restrictions when it comes to messaging contacts outside of your Organization. Those include: 

  • Limit of 100 SMS messages (outbound) from Main Line 
  • No messaging from your direct user line outside of your Organization 
  • No SMS forwarding 

We already have a business phone number—can we bring it to Dialpad?

Absolutely! That's called number porting and you're able to port in US-based local numbers to Dialpad completely free.

Once ported in, the number will automatically be assigned to your Main Line.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can have on my account?

Yes—Dialpad Free allows for up to five users (including yourself). If you need more, you'll just need to upgrade to the plan that fits your needs

How many calls can a user line receive at one time? 

Users can receive up to 3 active calls at one time. That means 1 active call while the other 2 callers are placed on hold. 

Is there a limit to the number of desk phones we can have on our account?

Users on your plan can add their own desk phone to their account without restrictions. For room phones, Free plans are restricted to only 1 room phone for their Main Line. 

What phone types are supported?

Dialpad Free currently supports you bringing the following devices on your plan:

  • Obihai 1032
  • Obihai 1022
  • Obihai 1062
  • Obihai 300 (+ your analog phone)

Dialpad Free currently does not support purchasing desk phones through Dialpad. 

Can we add toll-free numbers to our Dialpad Free account?

No, currently Dialpad Free doesn't support adding toll-free numbers to your account. 

Can we add fax lines to our Dialpad Free account?

No, currently Dialpad Free doesn't support adding a fax line to your account. 


What support options are available to Dialpad Free?

Dialpad Free users have access to our help center which includes access to tutorial videos, step by step guides. 

What happens if I downgrade to Dialpad Free? 

If you find that Dialpad Free is a better fit for your needs, you can reach out to our support team directly to have them delete your paid account. 

Keep in mind that by deleting your paid account, you'll need to start fresh with a Free account (so call history, messages, voicemails, and recordings not previously exported will no longer be available to you). 

It's also important to note that some features (adding a forwarding number, for example) will no longer be available to you once you've downgraded to Free.