Invite your Team (Dialpad FREE)

Dialpad FREE Admins can invite up to four team members from their G Suite or Office 365 directory to their plan. Keep in mind that team members won’t have their own direct lines, but rather extensions as part of your Main Line.

What does this mean for you? Callers will reach you and your users via the Dial by Name directory or Dial by Extension directory via your Main Line’s IVR.

Ready to get started? Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your accounts page via Admin Settings > Office > Team > Add Team Members
  2. Either manually add team members individually (must be the same domain) or add them straight from your G Suite or Office 365 directory
  3. Confirm the new team members to finalize the changes to your account

When your Team page refreshes, you'll see your new team member automatically added to your list with their assigned extension. 

Dialpad Tip: Did you know that we'll automatically include an UberConference Free account for your newly provisioned user? 

You can always change the default extension by selecting Edit Extension from their User Permission drop-down.


Have more questions about Dialpad FREE? Check out our FAQ.