Working as a Call Center Agent

Assigned as an Agent on a Call Center? Read on to learn the ins and outs of working as a Call Center Agent, including how to handle callers in your Queue.

Answer a Call 

Before you can accept incoming calls for a specific Call Center, you'll need to:

  1. Turn your DND off 
  2. Toggle yourself to On Duty

Dialpad Tip: The On Duty/Off Duty toggle is available on your desktop, mobile or Obihai. For Obihais, select More > Call Center Availability to toggle on/off.

Unlike Departments, where Dialpad will ring-all Operators, Call Centers ring out to Agents based on one of the available routing options your Supervisor has selected:

If no Agent answers, the caller moves onto your hold queue or secondary call handling options. 


If you click Decline or simply miss the call, you'll automatically be switched to Off Duty. We'll alert you via pop-up, giving you the option to either stay on Off Duty mode or switch back to On Duty.


Listen In/Barge

Listen In/Barge is a Pro and Enterprise plan feature. 

Once you're on an active call, your Call Center Supervisor will have the option to either:

Post Wrap-Up Time

If your Supervisor has enabled this feature, you'll have a specified amount of wrap-up time between ending your last call and receiving a new one. 

You'll see this notification at the top of your screen. You can always end it early, too.


Place a Call

Just like personal calls, the only difference is you’ll need to select your Call Center caller ID from your New Call drop-down menu. Once you select this for the first time, we'll keep it as your ID until you change it back.


Transfer a Call

Just like your personal calls, you can choose to transfer your Call Center calls with:

Send a Message

Call Center Agents can send and receive messages from any lines that they've been assigned as Agents on. 


Agents can either send a new message by selecting the Call Center ID from the New Message field or by simply selecting View Conversation on their active call. 

Call Center Inbox

Your Call Center Inbox displays:

  • Hold Queue
  • New notifications
  • All notifications
  • Voicemails

With the exception of the hold queue, these other areas display the same type of info that your Department Inbox does.


Hold Queue

Click on Hold Queue to view all calls currently waiting for an available Agent and how long each caller has been in the Queue.

Dialpad Tip: Be sure to click Refresh every so often to ensure that you're seeing the latest information.

Callers are placed in your hold queue only if Agents aren't available (i.e. already on an active call). If all Agents are Off Duty (or if your callers call in after hours), they'll be routed to whatever secondary call handling option your Call Center Supervisor set up.

On the caller's end, they'll hear your Call Center's hold music every 60 seconds. If enabled, callers will have the option to press a key to leave a voicemail.


Have more questions about Call Centers? Check out our FAQ