Working as a Call Center Supervisor

Listen and Barge is available on Call Center Pro and Enterprise plans.

Assigned as a Call Center Supervisor? Learn more about your Call Center's features and how to use coaching features like Listen or Barge In. 

Call Center Inbox 

If you've been assigned as an Operator or Agent on another line, then the Call Center Inbox should look pretty familiar to you. 


Similarly to other shared lines, Supervisors will find the following under their Call Center Inbox:

  • Hold Queue
  • Active Calls 
  • Agents 
  • New Notifications
  • All Notifications
  • Voicemails
  • Recordings 

Dialpad Tip: Did you know you can export all your recordings out of Dialpad? Just select the call center from your Analytics page then Export Recordings

Let's take a closer look at the specific areas most important to Supervisors, starting with listening into active Agent calls. 

Listen In 

Whether you're coaching an Agent through a new call or simply running some QA checks, Supervisors can listen into any active Call Center calls. 

Just navigate to Active Calls and select Listen In to ring out to the active call.

From this screen, you'll have the option to RecordHold, or Hangup the call. You'll also have the option to Barge In/Take Over the call. 

Keep in mind that if you select either Hold or Hangup, those actions will affect your portion of the call (so not your Agent or the customer). 

Dialpad Tip: Did you know that you can hide whether or not you're listening in on a call? Find these settings in the Advanced Settings of your Call Center page

Barge In/Take Over

Maybe a call you've been listening in on needs a little extra TLC. With Barge In, Supervisors are able to join existing active Agents calls to offer help or assistance. 

And if needed, Supervisors can take over control of the call completely. Just hit Take Over to accept the call on your line, dropping your current Agent. 

Set Agents On/Off Duty 

Easily manage Agents from one central location. Supervisors not only are able to get a rundown of all their Agents but quickly toggle Agents on/off duty. 

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