Working as a Call Center Supervisor

Let's take a look at working as a Call Center Supervisor in Dialpad.

Who can use this feature?

Call Center Supervisor features are available to Dialpad Contact Center and Sell customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

*Our discontinued 'Dialpad Talk with Call Center Add-On' license also supports this feature but is limited to existing customers.

Call Center Inbox

To access your Call Center's inbox from the Dialpad app, navigate to Call Centers and select a Call Center.

It will open the inbox that contains the Call Center's Hold Queue, Live Calls, Agents, New (Notifications), All (Notifications,) Voicemails, Messages, and Recordings tabs.

Monitor All Call Centers

The 'Monitor All Call Centers' features allow Supervisors to view Call Center activity across all the call centers they are monitoring, and provides access to the following insights:

  • Live Calls - all interactions currently being handled by an agent. Live Calls are visible only to Call Center Admins. Office or Company Admins can not be able to view Live Calls.
  • Hold Queue - all interactions in the hold queue waiting to be delivered to an agent. Hold Queue interactions are visible only to Call Center Admins. Office or Company Admins can not be able to view Hold Queue interactions.
  • Agents - all agents assigned to the call centers monitored by Supervisors or Admins. Agents are visible to Supervisors, Call Center Admins, and Office/Company Admins

From the Dialpad app, navigate to Call Centers and select Monitor All Call Centers. 


Monitor All Call Centers Filters

Supervisors and call center admins can search and save specific filters for their call center and agents. These unique filters can be based on a subset of the supervisor's agents within a specific queue that has hundreds of agents assigned.

Dialpad currently offers the following filters:

  • Specific call center(s)
  • Specific agent(s)
  • Specific Call Centers and specific agents within those Call Centers
  • Local agent(s)
  • Agent status   

How to save a filter

Saving your searches for later reference couldn't be easier. 

  1. First, create your search filter by selecting the desired filter criteria from the drop-down filters located at the top of the Monitor All Call Centers view. Search_Monitor_all_call_centers.png
  2. Select 'Save as new filter' on the yellow bannerSave_Filter.png
  3. Name your filter
  4. Select 'Save'


Once saved, the filter will appear in your Saved Filters section of your Monitor All Call Centers tab and the Live Calls and Agents tab will update to show only the agents, call centers and activities associated with the saved filter.                                     Saved_filters.png



Saved filters can be deleted or edited to update the agents or the Call Centers that are part of the filter.  Simply make the changes in your filter view, and then select either 'Save edits' or 'Save as new filter' depending on your preference. To delete the filter, select 'Delete filter'.



Let's dive into the details of the most commonly used filters. 

  • Specific Call Center filter

Filtering by specific Call Center(s) saves the details of the Call Centers that the supervisor is monitoring, as well as shows all the agents that are assigned to that call center.  Only the agents and live interactions for those Call Centers will show in the Live Calls and Agents tab.


  • Specific Agent(s) filter

This search will save the agents selected across multiple call centers. 

The Live Calls tab will only show the interactions being handled by the agents in the filter and the Agents tab will only show the agents in the filter.


  • Specific Call Centers and specific Agents within those Call Centers

This allows you to narrow down the list of agents across call centers and then allows the supervisor to choose which agents they wish to monitor within those call centers (CC). First, select the Call Centers you would like to view. Then, select the agents. 


Once the filter has been saved, the Live Calls tab and Agents tab will only show the saved agents in the filter.

Monitor Agent Availability 


Navigate to the Agents tab to see all Agents assigned to this Call Center. It will display the Agent, their availability status, and the duration of their availability status.

Here are the availability statuses that appear:

  • On a Call: Agent is on an inbound or outbound call
  • Idle/Available: Agent is available to receive an inbound call
  • Off Duty: Agent is off duty and unable to receive an inbound call
  • Off Duty (Do Not Disturb): Agent is set to Do Not Disturb mode and unable to receive an inbound call
  • Wrap Up: Agent is in post wrap-up time after completing an inbound call, unable to receive another inbound call until the set time passes
  • Lunch Time: Agent is online but is unavailable for calls during their lunch break
  • Tea Break: Agent is online but is unavailable for calls during their coffee/tea break

Want to learn more?

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