Release Notes: Desktop Apps

September 2017

September 19, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.32 updates include:

  • Custom Ring Durations for Call Queues: Now you can adjust how long Agents are rung out before routing callers back to your Hold Queue.

  • Turn Recording Prompt on User Lines: Not only can Admins enable users to record on their direct lines, but now they're given the option to turn off the recording audio prompt as well. 

  • 711 Dialing Supported: Now you can dial 711 from your Dialapd connected devices. 

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Mic Detection Pop-up, Integration Sidebar

September 13, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.31.5 updates include:

September 5, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome app v17.30 updates include:

  • Polycom Ordering: Now Dialpad Admins can place Polycom orders with our support team. Learn more about the Polycom phones supported.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Group Chat, Department Voicemails

August 2017

August 29, 2017 

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome app v17.29 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Admin Settings, Sound Notifications, Contact Syncing


August 22, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.28.1 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Warm Transfer, Salesforce Lightning 

August 16, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.27.1 updates include:

  • Transfer to Frequent Contacts: Now when you transfer a call, we'll display the contacts you engage with the most for easy access. Learn more about transferring a calls

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Obihai VM Indicator, Group Chat, Billing Alerts

August 11, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.26 updates include:

July 2017

July 28, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.25.1 updates include:

  • DND Banner: Now when you toggle on your DND status, we'll display a banner across your desktop app for better awareness. Learn more about setting your DND status. 

  • Self-Upgrade to Pro: Self-upgrade to Pro straight from your Billing page without having to reach out to sales or support. Learn more

  • Dial by Extension: If you've enabled extensions, you can now direct callers to dial by extension in your System Greeting IVR. Learn more

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Obihai VM, Office 365 Login


July 19, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.23.1 updates include:


June 2017

June 27, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.21.5 updates include:

  • Call Queues Hours Routing: We've made some updates to closed hour routing for your Call Queues. Learn more about setting Call Queue rules. 

  • Department Failover Number: In the event of an outage, we've added some extra security to ensure calls get to the right team. Learn more.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Obihai, Polycom, & Room Phone Support

June 22, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.21.3 updates include:

  • Various Polish Fixes

June 13, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.20.0 updates include:

  • Dialpad Web App: Need a way to access Dialpad from a shared device? With your Chrome browser and our new web app, now you can. Learn more.  

  • Fax Notifications: Choose between enabling or disabling emailed notifications when you receive a fax to your personal line. Learn more.

  • Extension Assignments: Enterprise accounts can now add and edit extensions straight from their web portal—without having to reach out to support. Learn more

  • Hold Queue Updates: Now you can allow callers to remain in the hold queue even if no Agents are available. Learn more about your hold queue rules.

  • Real-Time Data via Admin API: Our Admin API call export/stats now supports real-time data for "today". Learn more about our Admin API

  • Export Team Members: Export your entire team list straight from your web portal. Just navigate to your Team page to select this option. 

  • Run a System Test: Now users have access to a system test straight from your desktop app. Learn more.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Admin API, Call Queues, Dialer (Chrome App)

May 2017

May 30, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.19.3 updates include:

May 24, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.18.0 updates include:

  • Canceled Calls on Analytics: Now your individual analytic report will include the total number of canceled calls. Learn more.

  • Weekly Stats Email Update: Dialpad Administrators will now see a breakdown of minutes, voicemails, and texts in their weekly email update.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Room Phones, Billing

May 12, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.17.0 updates include:

  • License Count on Admin API: When transferring users to another office via API, we'll now alert you if there's an insufficient # of licenses. Learn more about our Admin API.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Warm Transfers, Call Queues, User Management


May 9, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.16.2 updates include:

  • Amazon Alexa + Dialpad: Place + receive calls, look up analytics, or send a message. With Alexa + Dialpad, the future of communications is hands-free. Request early access.

  • Muted Notifications on Mobile DND: Turning DND on your mobile device will now stop push notifications.

  • Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning: When your lightning app needs to be updated, we'll alert you with a notification in your app header (just like your desktop app). 

  • Internationalized Ring Back Tone: Your ring back tone (RBT) will now play based on the dialed country number.

  • Disable Recording Prompt: Pro and Enterprise teams can now opt to turn off the recording prompt that plays for callers. Learn more

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Calling Credits, Call Recording, Warm Transfer

April 2017

April 19, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.14.1 updates include:

  • Contact Info on Search: Need help deciphering between two similar names? Hover over your contact in your search results to display a Contact Info icon. Learn more

  • E911 Notifications: Now when an Office changes their E911 location, specific Admin types will be alerted via email. Learn more

  • Improved Porting: Say hello to your new local porting flow, complete with number batching and tool tips to help guide Admins. Learn more

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Obihai Phones, Inbound Ringing, Call Handling 

April 4, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.12.5 updates include:

  • Generate User List: Need a list of all your Dialpad users? Now Enterprise customers can with our API.

  • Transfer to Call Queues: Teams can now transfer to Call Queues in addition to individuals, Depts., and your Main Line. Learn more about transferring your calls

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Google Contacts, Chat History, Native App

March 2017

March 28, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.11.6 updates include:

  • Move Users with Admin API: Now Enterprise customers can easily manage and move users from one Office to another with our API.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Room Phones, Salesforce Logging

March 21, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.10.2 updates include:

  • OneDrive Integration: Office 365 users, rejoice! Now OneDrive shared docs will sync to your contact's profile.

  • Stats for Department Calls: Looking to get a snapshot of all the calls handled within a specific Department? Now you can with our Department Call filter. 

  • Room Phone Analytics: Now we've included room phones as part of your Department or Main Line analytics. 

  • Call Recording on Main Line: Just like your Departments, you can now automatically record calls to and from your Main Line.

March 7, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.9.3 updates include:

  • Expand Group Messages: We just bumped up your group message #s so even more teams can collaborate together. Learn more

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Admin Portal, Team Invites, Salesforce for Dialpad 

February 2017

February 28, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.8.4 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Group Messaging, Login Errors, Transfer


February 17, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.7.1 updates include:

  • Set a Custom Ring Length: Cut down on the # of rings between personal calls, Dept. calls, and room phones. Learn more.

  • Daily Analytics: Now Company analytics include "Today" as a drop-down period. Learn more about your company's analytics.

  • Analytics Access: Share analytics access to non-Admins in your Company. Learn how.

  • MMS Preview: Need to double check an image before sending an MMS? Now you can. Learn more.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Directory Search (O365), Recorded VM Greetings

February 14, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.6.0 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Salesforce Contacts, Add User Desk Phone, Obihai Activation


February 7, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.5.1 updates include:

  • System Test Page: Need to run a quick system test? Now you can right from

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Call Notifications, Removing Fax Lines, Editing Room Phones


January 2017

January 31, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.4.0 updates include:

  • Upload Shared Contacts: Need certain contacts to be searchable across your whole Company? Learn more.

  • Quick Click Audio: We're making it easier than ever to switch your mic/speakers. Learn more about your audio settings.

  • Leaderboard Updates: Now Company Admins can see total Placed and Received Calls on their Team Analytics Leaderboards. Learn more

  • Weekly Analytics Update: Company Admins will now receive an emailed weekly report on the metrics that matter most.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Hold Music, Dept. Analytics, Mic Detection Warning, MMS


January 24, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.3.4 updates include:

  • Regional Admins: For Companies with more than one Office, you now have the ability to assign a Regional Admin to manage more than one Office at a time. Learn more

  • Billing Update: Companies with only 1-seat will need to contact support to cancel their account. Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Double Call Logging in SFDC, Caller ID, Polycom Support


January 17, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.2.4 updates include:

  • Various Bug Fixes: Room Phones, Caller ID, Dept. Calls, Notifications