Check your Audio & In-App Settings

Audio Settings

You can check the audio settings of your desktop app, including your default mic and speakers, from your app header or profile drop-down. 

If you'd rather use a headset, make sure that you've got the following set up:

  • USB wired headset or USB dongle wireless headset
  • Headset is selected in your computer's sound settings
  • Headset is selected as default microphone in your Chrome browser (Chrome app users)
  • Docking station is plugged directly into your laptop

Connecting a new USB headset will prompt an overlay, asking whether you'd like to continue to use that specific device.


Additionally, if we detect a change in your speaker we'll trigger a passive alert bar. This usually happens when docking with an external monitor that has built-in speakers.

App Settings

You can tweak how the app notifies you of new calls or messages, including where calls ring out of (default speakers, headset, etc.) 

From your profile drop-down, select App Settings to make these adjustments. 


Run a System Test

If you're not sure that you've got everything set up correctly, try running a system test to gain some deeper insights and troubleshooting help.  

We've added a link to our system test right within your desktop app — you can access the link by either:

  • Clicking the headset icon in your app then Test Audio
  • Selecting App Settings Audio Test from your profile drop-down. 


What's Next?