Set Up Your Department


After setting up your Main Line you may find it helpful to route callers to a specific group or team, like Customer Support or Sales. 

To do this, you'll just need to create a Department. Let's take a closer look at creating a Department and all the call routing options you'll find there. 

To get started, navigate to > Admin Settings > Departments > Add a Department

Department Info

Here's where you'll be able to adjust your Department name and add any phone/fax numbers you'd like (but you can still route calls here even without a number). 


Assigned Operators & Phones

Next, you'll need to assign team members as Operators to make and receive calls on your Department.

You'll also have the option to add a room phone as an Operator, in cases where you may want a shared phone to ring out (like at reception). 


Business Hours & Call Handling

The business hours & call handling section isn't just responsible for when calls come into your Department, but how those calls are handled once they're received.

If you scroll through this section, you'll see options to set:


Dialpad Tip: Don't forget to set an open vs closed voicemail greeting and a system greeting (if you've selected that option from above). 

Advanced Settings

Your advanced settings give you even more control over your Department. Scroll through this section to set:



What's Next?