Create a Department

Adding Departments to your account is available on Standard plans and above

After setting up your Main Line you may find it helpful to route callers to a specific group or team, like Customer Support or Sales. That's where Departments come into play. 

Create a Department 

To get started, navigate to > Admin Settings > Departments > Add a Department.  


After creating your Department, you'll be able to add local or toll-free numbers as well as add a fax number (additional charges apply). 

Assigned Operators & Phones

Next, you'll need to assign team members as Operators to make and receive calls on your Department. You can make any Operator a Department Admin by selecting this from the drop-down menu.

You'll also have the option to add a room phone as an Operator, in cases where you may want a shared phone to ring out (like at reception). 

You can add up to 25 Operators and/or phones to a single Department.


Business Hours & Call Handling

The business hours & call handling section isn't just responsible for when calls come into your Department, but how those calls are handled once they're received.

This section includes areas to:


Advanced Settings

Your advanced settings give you even more control over your Department. Scroll through this section to set:



What's Next?