Messaging Options

Your messaging feature includes more than just send and receive — with Dialpad chat you can pull up messages based on search terms, archive certain discussions, or quickly share images or videos from one contact to the next. 

Let's take a closer look at all your messaging options, starting with Search. Looking for messaging options on your iOS or Android?

Search Chat History

Can't quite remember when that meeting was mentioned last?  No problem—just start typing your keywords into search to pull up any related messages with that term mentioned.

We'll even highlight it in blue to make sure you don't miss it. 


Click on the message to pull up the moment this term was mentioned in your chat history.

Archive a Chat

Need to clean up past conversations? Right-click a contact in your Recent list to Archive the conversation.


Keep the following in mind:

  • Archiving doesn't delete conversation history
  • Archiving doesn't delete your contact
  • If you select an archived conversation from your Search screen, it'll reappear in your Recent list.

Copy a Message

See something that needs to be shared right away? 

If you're using the native apps, you can right-click on text or an image to copy. Just navigate to your new Dialpad chat and right-click to paste it into the conversation.


If you're using the Chrome app, you'll still be able to copy text from one chat to the next. Just click the drop-down arrow on your text to reveal your Copy option. 


Delete a Chat

Click the drop-down arrow on your message to display options to Delete or Delete Thread

If you select Delete, the currently selected message will be deleted. If you select Delete Thread, all messages within the conversation thread will be deleted (including call and voicemail notifications).