Sync and Integrate with G Suite

Whether it's automatic contact syncing or app integrations with Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Calendar, you're always able to stay connected no matter where work takes you.

Let's take a closer look at the integration, starting with automatic contact syncing. 

Automatic Contact Syncing

After you log in and grant Dialpad access to your Google contacts (you'll see the prompt in your contact's sidebar), your Gmail contacts will automatically start syncing with Dialpad. 

That means that contacts created in Gmail are searchable and editable in Dialpad (and vice versa).

Shared Events

If you and your contact have any shared events, they'll be listed here. In addition, each event will display the event name, date, and time.

If your contact is currently in an event (and you have permission to view) we'll display the name of the event as well. 


Click View Calendar to launch your calendar in a new window. 

And if one of your contacts is currently in a meeting, we'll display that right next to their photo (like when they're on DND or on a call).


For this to appear on your contacts:

  • Contact must have meeting scheduled through G Suite
  • Meeting must be public
  • Contact must be associated with your Company

Shared Emails

If you and your Dialpad contact have any shared emails, they'll be listed here. Each email will display the subject line and date. Click on View All to launch your emails in a new window.


Emails are retroactive (so you'll see emails from before you had signed up for Dialpad).

Shared Docs

If you and your contact have shared any documents, they'll be listed here. We display the three most recent files including the title and date of the last edit. 


Docs are retroactive (so you'll see docs from before you had signed up for Dialpad). 

Keep in mind that 'shared' can mean either shared by you or shared to you. Click on View All to launch your shared documents in another window.

Dialpad Tip: Don't want a G Suite integration to appear? Contact our support team to have a specific feature (calendar, email, etc.) removed.

Have more questions about syncing with G Suite? Check out our FAQ page.

What's Next?