Sync G Suite Contacts

By integrating Dialpad with your G Suite productivity suite, you're able to collaborate with your team from anywhere.

Whether it's automatic contact syncing or app integrations with Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Calendar, you're always able to stay connected no matter where work takes you.

Let's take a closer look at the integration, starting with automatic contact syncing. 

Automatic Contact Syncing

After you log in and grant Dialpad access to your Google contacts, your Gmail contacts will automatically start syncing with Dialpad. 

That means that contacts created in Gmail are searchable and editable in Dialpad (and vice versa).

Shared Events, Emails, and Docs

Start chatting with a contact and need to pull up your next meeting with them? Just expand the profile sidebar to view any shared events (Google Calendar), emails (Gmail), or docs (Google Drive). 


What syncs to Dialpad?

At this time we sync:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email*
  • Phone Number*

*Email/Phone #s removed in G Suite will still display in Dialpad.

If you want what displays in Dialpad to display in G Suite, make your changes in Dialpad. When we push a sync, these details will overwrite your G Suite records.

How often is Dialpad syncing?

Every time you open a contact to place a call or send a message, we sync with G Suite. Keep in mind that changes may have a short delay before displaying in Dialpad.

Why is the same person coming up twice in my search results?

If your G Suite contact was recently “used”, your contact may show up more than once in your search results.

Some examples:

  • If you created a duplicate contact (meaning you created an account in Dialpad that already existed in your Gmail account)

  • If you have a personal Gmail contact that is also a Dialpad user 

This happens because we search both G Suite and Dialpad at the same time to pull your search results.

If I delete a contact in Dialpad, will it delete it out of G Suite?


Do you sync with shared contacts?

No, just your Company Directory (your Dialpad team and invited users) and your personal contacts.

Is it a two-way sync?

For the most part. Here are the scenarios:

  • Adding a new contact
  • Removing a contact
  • Edit a contact’s First or Last Name

When editing a contact’s phone # or email address in G Suite, you’ll see the edited phone # and email address added to their Dialpad profile (in addition to their previous phone # or email address).

The only way to remove this is to edit the contact in Dialpad. That will overwrite the changes in G Suite.

What if someone calls me who I don’t have saved as a contact?

When you receive a call, we search through your contacts to see if we can find a matching #. If we can, we’ll show that name on the caller ID.

If we can’t, we’ll create a contact with that number in both Dialpad and in G Suite.


What's Next?