Make Calls with Dialpad + Salesforce1

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With Dialpad + Salesforce1, calls from your Salesforce mobile app can be routed to your Dialpad app, allowing you to keep your business calls on one platform while automatically logging them to your Contact or Lead.

In this article, we'll walk you through using the integration. Administrator? Learn how to enable this integration for your entire team.

Route Calls from Salesforce1 to Dialpad

Before routing calls from Salesforce1 to Dialpad, make sure you've:

  • Downloaded the Dialpad mobile app for either iOS or Android
  • Downloaded the Salesforce1 mobile app

Dialpad Tip: Make sure your Dialpad app version is either 2.7.1 (iOS) or 4.21 (Android) or higher. 

Once you've downloaded the apps, you should see Dialpad Call as an available option on your Quick Action menu when navigating to a Lead or Contact. 


Select Dialpad Call to view a list of available phone numbers for your Contact or Lead. Tap on the number you want to call to prompt Salesforce1 to open Dialpad. 

Dialpad Tip: iOS users will only have to confirm this once—Android users should select Always to bypass the confirmation each time. 


Your Contact or Lead's number will automatically populate in Dialpad. If you don't need to adjust your caller ID, simply select Call to place and automatically log your call.