Okta Single Sign-On via SAML

Okta integrations are available on our Enterprise plan

Rather than signing into Dialpad with your Google or Microsoft productivity suite, our Okta integration allows your team to access Dialpad via Okta's single sign-on option (SSO) via SAML.

In order to do that, you'll need to access certain URLs and IDs from Okta + Dialpad. Let's take a look at the steps required using our example domain (aerolabs.io):

Step 1. Add the Application

  1. Log into Okta then navigate to Admin > Applications > Add Application 
  2. Select Dialpad with SAML


In another tab, navigate over to your Dialpad web portal and select Authentication > SAML to select Okta from the provider drop-down. 

Copy the Service Provider SSO Url (ACS) and the Server Provider Entity ID and paste them into their corresponding fields in Okta. Leave the areas under Application Visibility unchecked. 

image__16_.pngOn the next screen, you'll have the option to search and select the team members (or groups) you want to assign Dialpad SAML access. 


Step 2. Configure Single Sign On based on SAML 2.0

Open the Dialpad app in Admin > Applications and select Sign On > Edit


Next to Application username format select Email then click Save to continue to the next step. 


Click View Setup Instructions to access and copy the IDP Issuer/Entity ID, Login URL/Sign On URL, and x.509 Certificate (you'll be pasting these into Dialpad in the next step). 


Navigate back to your Okta SAML Configuration page on the Dialpad web portal to paste in your values and save your changes. 


Dialpad Tip: Just like Google or Microsoft, a user must exist in Okta and be provisioned in Dialpad before they can start utilizing Okta SSO. 

Login with Okta

Once enabled, users can log in with Okta right from their Dialpad apps (desktop + mobile) or web portal. Here's how:

  1. On your login screen, select Login with another provider
  2. Enter the domain of your Company
  3. Enter your Okta credentials
  4. Select Sign In

Dialpad Tip: Logging into Dialpad from your Okta dashboard will bring you to the Dialpad web portal.


The SP information is not showing my domain, instead, it shows "none".

If you signed up for Dialpad via open sign up, we may not have set up a domain for your organization. This piece of information is required to log into OKTA. Please contact support to add the domain you wish to use for OKTA.