UberConference Meetings (FAQs)

What settings do I manage in Dialpad vs. UberConference?

You'll still manage all of your linked accounts, conference settings, notifications, and team settings in UberConference. 

You will manage your UberConference profile settings (email, phone number, etc.) as well as your contacts and billing within Dialpad. 

I synced my team but I didn't see my UC license count change. 

Integrating UberConference Meetings into Dialpad won't affect your UberConference license count on your Admin page. 


This license count only changes when you purchase or assign paid UberConference licenses.

Does this integration work with International offices?

Currently, UberConference Meetings in Dialpad is available in the United States and Canada only. 

We do, however, have international conference numbers available for UberConference Business customers as a standalone product. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Why can't I access the integration?

If you're a legacy flex license plan, you won't be able to utilize the integration until you transition to license billing. To make this transition, reach out to our support team.

Can I link a different UberConference account to my Dialpad account?

Absolutely! Just reach out to our support team with the account that you'd like to link. 

Can I transfer an active call from Dialpad to UberConference?

Yes, but you'll have to dial into your conference again (since the call has been transferred to that line). Just search for your UberConference within your transfer screen to complete the action. 


If I dial an UberConference # from my Dialpad dialer, will it launch the UberConference window?

No. You'll only see the launched UberConference window if you join via the meeting card or your profile drop-down.

Will I have to be logged into UberConference before I can launch through Dialpad?

Nope! We'll take care of that behind the scenes via login token. 

Where is my audio controlled: in Dialpad or UberConference?

UberConference will inherit whatever audio settings you're using in Dialpad. Once you're in your active conference, however, you can adjust your settings via your active conference screen.