Add UberConference Business

Adding UberConference Business to your account is available to Standard plans and above. 

Adding UberConference Business to your Dialpad account means giving your team access to anywhere meetings. Let's take a closer look at how the integration works and how you'll manage UberConference vs. Dialpad. 

How it Works

When you create Dialpad accounts for your team, we automatically include an UberConference Free seat for them, too. If we find an account that already exists under the same email address as your Dialpad account, we'll automatically link them together, whether it's Free or Business. If not, we'll auto-create a Free account.

While a Free account is standard, Dialpad Administrators can upgrade their team members to a paid UberConference Business plan, instead, if they'd like to unlock features like international dial-in or zero PINs.

Dialpad Tip: If you haven't transitioned to licensed billing (or aren't sure which type your account is), reach out to our support team to clarify + make the switch.

Purchase UberConference Lines

Just like with your user lines, room phones, or fax lines, adding a paid UberConference Business account requires you to purchase an UberConference license.

Keep in mind that UberConference licenses are per user—if 5 team members need to have access to a conference line, you would need to purchase 5 UberConference licenses.

Dialpad Tip: For Dialpad accounts that have more than one Office, Admins will need to create their UberConference Team account through the UberConference portal

To purchase an UberConference license, Dialpad Administrators can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to > Admin Settings > Office > Team > Buy Licenses (UberConference)
  2. Choose between purchasing a local number license or a toll-free number license
  3. Confirm the changes and updated billing information to finalize your transaction

Navigating back to your team page will display the number of available UberConference licenses for you to distribute to your team. 

Dialpad Tip: Looking for international numbers? Reach out to our sales team directly for this request.

Assign UberConference Lines

Similarly to adding other user privileges, Dialpad Administrators will add UberConference from the same managed team page via>Office>Team.

You'll have the option to assign a local or toll-free line to your Dialpad team member in addition to selecting the preferred area code (we'll do this automatically unless you specify).

The first team member you assign an UberConference line to will become your UberConference Administrator. This means they'll be able to manage UberConference team settings for your Organization.

Once you add the license to your team member, they'll receive a separate email alerting them of the change to their account. 

You can always navigate back to your team page to see who has been granted UberConference access via the UberConference icon next to the team member's name.


Remove UberConference Lines

You can easily remove an UberConference license from your team member just like any other user privilege.

Just navigate back to > Office > Team and select Remove UberConference from your individual team member's drop-down. 


Have more questions about UberConference Meetings? Check out our FAQ