International Services (FAQs)

Customers are increasingly buying products from the other side of the globe – which creates a huge opportunity for businesses to sell in new markets. International communication should be as seamless as local communication and Dialpad's international services offer companies a simple, cost-effective and reliable method of communication to ensure all your leads are actions, your T's crossed and I's dotted. 

Let's go over some common questions regarding our international services. 

When do calling rates apply?

If you are in an international office calling any other country outside your office designation, then calling rates apply.   

You can always check our current rates at

When are credits used?

Your Office's credit balance will be charged anytime team members:

  • Place any outbound international calls
  • Receive any inbound calls to toll-free lines associated with your Office
  • Place or receive calls while on a Dialpad Sell or Dialpad Contact Centre license
  • Sending messages to international numbers from your US or Canadian Dialpad number 

What countries can I call for free?

You can place calls for free to:

  • any number within your country
  • the US and Canada
  • any other Dialpad user

 “Your country” is defined by the country of the Dialpad office you’re in, NOT by your caller ID or the dept/Call Center you are dialing on behalf of.

As an example, a user in a UK office will be able to make calls within the UK for free but will get charged per minute for calls to Australia regardless of the phone number used or the department/call center a call is made through.

Calls to other countries will be charged per minute at the following rates.


How come my international calls aren't going through?

Before your team can start placing international calls, or send international messages, Admins will need to enable international services on their account, as well as add credits

Can I add an international number as my forwarding number?

Yes! You can add an international number as a forwarding number. Please note, that you will be charged to have personal calls forward to an international number - you can check out the rates here

Can I text internationally?

Not at this time. However, you can still message team members in Dialpad if they are in another country. 

What call settings should I set when traveling internationally?

When traveling internationally, make sure to set your inbound and outbound mobile call settings to Enable HD Calling. Beyond avoiding spikes in charges from your carrier, other benefits of HD calling include:

  • WiFi calling when cell reception is spotty
  • Free international calling to other Dialpad users
  • Full access to call controls (hold, transfer, record, etc.)

Learn more about HD calling.

Can I send an international fax?

Yes! Because you don’t have to go through an actual phone line, it’s easier and more affordable to send a fax to an international number with Dialpad.



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