International Calling (FAQs)

When do calling rates apply?

If you are in an international office calling any other country outside your office designation, then calling rates apply.   

You can always check our current rates by visiting

When are call credits used?

Your Office's call credit balance will be charged anytime team members:

  • Place any outbound international calls
  • Receive any inbound calls to toll-free lines associated with your Office 

What countries can I call for free?

You can place and receive calls to any number within your own country without being charged a calling rate. The exception is with the US and Canada.

Calls placed between these countries are considered domestic calls, meaning your Office's balance won't be charged. 

How do I enable international calling for my team?

Admins will need to follow these steps to enable international calling for their Dialpad accounts:

  1. Send a request to our support team
    1. If you've been using Dialpad for 6 months or less, our support team will require the Admin to verify a small transaction amount before finalizing the changes
  2. Support enables international dialing on your account 
  3. Admin navigates to > Admin Settings > Billing > Call Credits
  4. Admin adds call credits to account
  5. Admin navigates to > Admin Settings > Office > Team
  6. Admin selects Enable International Calling from each user's drop-down menu 

Can I add an international number as my forwarding number?

Your forwarding number must match the location of your office - in other words, if you have a US-based office, you need to add a US-based phone number as your forwarding number. 

Likewise, if you have an international office, you'll need to add an international number (specifically from that country) as your forwarding number. 

Can I text internationally?

We currently don't offer international texting.

What call settings should I set when traveling internationally?

When traveling internationally, make sure to set your inbound and outbound mobile call settings to Enable HD Calling. Beyond avoiding spikes in charges from your carrier, other benefits of HD calling include:

  • WiFi calling when cell reception is spotty
  • Free international calling to other Dialpad users
  • Full access to call controls (hold, transfer, record, etc.)

Learn more about HD calling.