Add User Extensions

Extension dialing is an Enterprise feature.

Assign an extension number to your team members for quick dialing on Obihai and SIP phones. Before adding extensions, keep the following in mind:

  • Extensions are configured on a Company level (meaning it applies to all Offices)
  • Extensions will only work between team members within the same Company
  • Extensions currently only work with Obihai and SIP Phones Extensions can be 4 or 5 digits long, but 5 is the default You can add extensions to completely new users, or to your existing team members.

Add Extensions to New Users

Company/Office Admin sends their sales rep a CSV file with the following fields filled out:

email first_name last_name extension

Add Extensions to Existing Users

Company/Office Admin emails sales rep directly with the above-mentioned info.

Once extensions have been assigned, your team members will see their extension number appear under>Your Profile>Extension.


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