Set Hold Queue Rules on Call Queues

Call Queues are available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

Once you've set your business hours for your Call Queue the next step is setting up Hold Queue rules for when your Call Queue is open vs when it's closed.

To get started, navigate over to your Admin Settings > Call Queues to select your Call Queue and access Business Hours & Call Handling


Remember, if you've selected specific hours for your Call Queue, you'll need to go through these steps twice: once for open hours routing and once for closed. 

Hold Queue Rules

In a Call Queue, each available Agent is rung out one at a time. However, if all Agents are busy then incoming calls are routed to your Hold Queue. 

Dialpad Tip: Want callers to stay in the Queue even if no Agents are available? Select this option under Advanced Settings. 

Your Hold Queue settings include options to:

  • Select a hold greeting to play for callers
  • Let callers know their place in the Queue
  • Allows callers to exit the Hold Queue to voicemail by pressing #

If you check the option to allow callers to exit the Queue early and leave a voicemail, make sure to set a custom greeting for open and/or closed hours. 


Hold Queue Limits 

Additionally, you can adjust just how long callers are kept on hold under your Hold Queue Limit. These options include:

  • Setting a max. Queue size (max. # of callers)
  • Setting a max. Queue wait time (max. # of mins.)


Once callers reach the Hold Queue limit, you'll need to decide on a secondary call handling option (just like with your Main Line or Departments). 


Hold Music

For times when callers may be on hold for a while before being routed to an Agent or secondary call handling option, make sure to select the right type of Hold Music. 


You can either select one of our defaults or upload their own (must be .MP3 & can't exceed 10MB).


What's Next?