Set Hold Queue Rules

Call Queues are available for Pro and Enterprise accounts.

Similarly to a Department, Call Queues can help filter your incoming calls to a specific group of team members. However, there are a few differences that make a Call Queue stand out:

  • Agents are rung out one at a time, based on the Longest Idle Agent (LIA)
  • Callers can be placed in a Hold Queue until an Agent becomes available
  • Administrators can enable a Post Wrap-Up Time for Agents after each call 

Let’s take a closer look at setting hold queue rules for your Call Queue. Looking to set up call handling options?

Open vs Closed Hours

Before we dive into how calls are handled, it’s important to note that you’ll have the option to set rules for when your Call Queue is open and closed.

If you’ve selected specific hours under Business Hours, then you’ll need to select call handling and Hold Queue rules for both Open Hours Routing and Closed Hours Routing.

If you’ve selected 24/7, then you don’t have to click on Closed Hours Routing and can just focus on the options for Open Hours Routing.

Hold Queue Rules

In a Call Queue, each available Agent is rung out one at a time. However, if all Agents are busy then incoming calls are routed to your Hold Queue. 

Dialpad Tip: Want callers to stay in the queue even if no Agents are available? Select this option under Advanced Settings. 

Within your Hold Queue settings, you can:

  • Record and/or upload a custom greeting
  • Let callers know their place in the Queue
  • Allows callers to exit the Hold Queue to voicemail by pressing #

Additionally, you can adjust just how long callers are kept on hold under your Hold Queue Limit. These options include:

  • Setting a max. Queue size (max. # of callers)
  • Setting a max. Queue wait time (max. # of mins.)

Once callers reach the Hold Queue limit, they'll be routed to whichever second call handling option you've set.