Set Business and Holiday Hours

Just like your business, your Dialpad phone system can operate within specific business hours. Dialpad Administrators can set these hours for any of their shared lines. Let's take a closer look at how. 

Set Business Hours

Administrators can set business hours for:

  • Main Line
  • Depts.
  • Call Queues

To do this, log onto your Dialpad web portal and navigate to either:

  • Office > Main Line > Business Hours & Call Handling
  • Department >___ Dep t> Business Hours & Call Handling
  • Call Queues > ___ Call Queue > Business Hours & Call Handling

From here, Administrators can decide when the line receives calls: either 24/7 or specific hours.

If specific hours are selected, make sure:

  1. Open and Closed hours are selected for each weekday/weekend
  2. The correct timezone is selected

Set Holiday Hours

Before you take off for the holidays, make sure to adjust your business hours to reflect holiday hours. Just navigate back to your Business Hours & Call Handling menu to make the adjustment.

Make sure you don't forget to switch back to normal operating hours when the holidays are over.