Network with LinkedIn

Enable the Integration

By default, the option to connect LinkedIn will appear in your contact's profile. To connect:

  • Click Connect to LinkedIn within their profile
  • Enter your LinkedIn credentials and click Allow Access

If this is an internal contact (meaning a team member), then you'll automatically see:

  • Link to view their profile on LinkedIn
  • Shared connections

If this is an external contact (not someone within your team), then you'll see a prompt to select a match to your contact. Once you select the right match, you'll automatically see the same info as mentioned above. 

And if your sidebar says "No LinkedIn account connected" that means your contact hasn't connected their LinkedIn account to Dialpad yet. 

Dialpad Tip: LinkedIn shared connections only appear when two Dialpad users are chatting. If you're having a conversation with someone outside of Dialpad, this area will appear blank.

Remove the Integration

If you'd prefer your LinkedIn integration be removed from your Dialpad account, you'll need to log into your LinkedIn account and remove the Third-Party Access. Here's how:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account
  2. Hover over your name to reveal the drop-down menu. Select Manage under Privacy & Settings
  3. Click Third Parties>Third Party Apps
  4. Click Remove next to Dialpad
  5. Navigate back to your Dialpad app (you may need to refresh to see these changes). You should that instead of shared connections, a link to Re-Connect to LinkedIn will appear.

If you change your mind and want your LinkedIn integration back, just click on that Reconnect link to launch the authentication window.