Using the Digital Engagement Admin Portal
    • 20 Mar 2024
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    Using the Digital Engagement Admin Portal

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    Admins can manage their Digital Experience product via the Digital Engagement Admin Portal.  

    Getting there is easy, go to Admin Settings on

    1. Select a contact center
    2. Navigate to Advanced Settings
    3.  Select Configure Digital Engagement

    That's it! From there, you'll be taken to the Digital Experience admin dashboard where you can modify and manage all things Digital Experience. 


    The Profile tab lets you manage your company's profile (it's different from your Dialpad profile).


    The profile section contains 3 unique tabs. 

    1. Company 
    2. User 
    3. Integrations

    In the Company section, you can upload a company logo, company details, and set business hours. 

    The Users section is where you can modify user profiles and their contact details. 

    The Integrations section is where you'll find your company's API key.


    On the Users page, you'll find a full list of each user on the Digital Experience team. 


    Select the pencil icon to edit user details such as setting roles and chat routing settings.   


    The look and feel of the Digital Experience chat section greatly affects a customer's experience. On the Branding page, admins can adjust the widget to reflect the company's branding and create a seamless customer experience. 


    You can customize the theme, colors, fonts, and images to create a widget that represents your brand.

    Want a more customized experience?

    Use the Expert Styling tab to customize every detail of the chat experience. 


    The Media tab is where you can add and delete images that are be used within the Digital Experience channel. 



    The Channels tab lets you add and configure your channel connections. 

    Read our channels Help Center article for more details.

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