Setting Up Digital Engagement
  • 05 Jun 2023
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Setting Up Digital Engagement

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Article Summary

Admins can manage all things pertaining to the Digital Experience product via the Digital Experience admin portal.  

Getting there is easy:

  1. Open up the Admin settings page by visiting:
  2. Open up the Call Centers tab and select the Digital Experience center in question.
  3. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section, click on the Advanced Settings section, and select the Configure Digital Engagement button (see below). 


That's it! From there, you'll be taken to the Digital Experience admin dashboard where you can modify and manage all things Digital Experience. 

By navigating to the Services tab followed by the Setup tab, you'll have the option to setup a variety of services to get the most out of Dialpad Digital Experience. We'll go over each service in detail below. 

Digital Essentials


Complete Digital Experience to answer questions, collect customer information, escalate to agents. Configuration of common system functions for agents and survey is included.

The Digital Experience page is the best place to set how you'd like the Digital Experience interaction to go.  On this page you can:

  • Create an Automation - Automate context collection before routing to agents, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Questions list the information to be gathered from your customer. Knowledge manages your FAQ answers.
  • Create a Live Escalation - Select the form of agent escalation offered to your customer. Allow connection through voice calling or directly through web chat.
  • Agent widgets - Empower your agents to leverage widgets when helping your customers. Widgets enable sharing prebuilt functions focused on common tasks and operations. 

Once you successfully setup a Digital Essential, you'll be taken to the following page where you'll be able to Train and Deploy the digital essential that was created.




The Knowledge Essential provides AI based answers to common questions and intents along with task links to perform actions. The experience creates the text based AI training as well as a structured menu experience.

Select a name for your Knowledge Essential. This name will be used to create a new intent map for your experience. If you would like to add to an existing intent map to extend other experiences then select the checkbox and your destination intent map.

Enter text for your welcome message to customize the default greeting your customers will see. This message will be displayed anytime for your customers reach the top level knowledge experience.

Enter text for your fallback message. This message will be displayed to the user whenever a customer enters a question that is not part of the knowledge. Your message should instruct the customer what types of things your knowledge experience understands.

Virtual Concierge


The Virtual Concierge page is where you'd go to setup the initial experience steps when a customer interacts with the Digital Experience setup.  Here you'll set a series of text and visual questions to collect the right information from your customer.  From there, it'll provide appropriate responses and connect to your agents if need be.

Expert Flows 


The Expert Flows page is where you'd go to fine tune the customer experience when interacting with Digital Experience.  Here you'll manage and edit workflows to make sure that customers are going through just the right progression when seeking assistance. 



Switching on over to the Manage tab under Services will display a full page of all the experiences you have on your account. 

Here you can adjust an experience in the following ways to make sure things are running just right:

  • Deploy - marked by the rocket symbol, this gives deploy options for this experience. 
  • Edit - marked by the pencil symbol, this allows you to edit the listed experience.
  • Quick Deploy - marked by the link symbol, this will give a quick deploy URL link.

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