Italy Porting Guide
    • 14 Feb 2024
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    Italy Porting Guide

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    Article Summary

    Need to port a number from Italy? This guide will walk you through the process.

    Supported Number Types

    Dialpad can port the following Italian number (IT +39) types:

    • Geographic Number 
    • Toll-Free Number 

    Required Documents

    In order to complete your port request, Dialpad requires the following documents. 

    • LOA
    • Latest Invoice from current carrier

    Document List 

    Click the links below to obtain the LOA for your port request.

    How Long Will it Take?

    The standard lead time (SLT) for a port request is:

    • 20 business days for geographic numbers
    • 25 business days for toll-free numbers

    Additional time is added if there is a rejection for missing/incorrect information.

    Porting Requirements

    Number portability for all number types is available via the larger operators but not available with all operators. Please enquire with the current number operator whether porting away is possible via them.

    • The full list of phone numbers you want to port including the country code
    • The LOA must be signed by the person who has administrative rights on the account with the current carrier.
    • Migration code of the requested number(s) is mandatory (should be requested by the end user to the losing carrier)

    Possible Port Rejection Reasons

    While we do our best to prevent it, it does sometimes happen that a port request is rejected. The most common rejection reasons are noted below. As you can see, details matter and this is why we ask you to triple-check all the information you provided before submitting your port request. 

    • Incorrect end user name
    • Incorrect service address
    • Migration code is incorrect
    • Number is not active

    Porting Checklist

    • LOA is filled out, dated, and signed
    • Latest invoice from current carrier
    • All numbers are active with your current carrier
    • All numbers in your account are porting over or you’ve disassociated them from the other numbers in your account with your current provider
    • You’ve provided a desired port date in compliance with the SLT (*Dialpad will do its best to meet this date but there is no guarantee.) If no date is provided we will port the numbers ASAP


    We charge a one-time porting fee for Italy. For more information please reach out to [email protected].

    More Information

    Be sure to read our Porting FAQs for more information on the porting process. 

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