Okta Single Sign-On via SAML
    • 14 Sep 2023
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    Okta Single Sign-On via SAML

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    Article Summary

    The content explains how to integrate Okta with Dialpad for single sign-on (SSO) access. The process involves configuring both Okta and Dialpad settings. In Step 1, the Dialpad application is added to Okta's App Catalog. In Step 2, the Dialpad service provider attributes are configured in Okta, including authentication and SAML settings. In Step 3, the Okta identity provider attributes are configured in Dialpad by following the setup instructions provided by Okta. Finally, in Step 4, users can log in to Dialpad using their Okta credentials. They simply select "Login with another provider" and enter their company domain and Okta credentials.

    Rather than signing into Dialpad with your Google or Microsoft productivity suite, our Okta integration allows your team to access Dialpad via Okta's single sign-on option (SSO) via SAML.

    Let's dive into the details.

    Who can use this feature
    Okta integrations are available to all Users on all Dialpad Ai Voice, Contact Center, and Ai Sales 

    To get started, you'll need to access certain URLs and IDs from Okta + Dialpad.

    Let's take a look at the steps required using our example domain (lojackphone.com)

    In order to enable Okta SSO via SAML, you will need to have "Super Admin" or "Company Admin" access to your company's Dialpad Account.

    Step 1 - Add the application

    1. Log into Okta
    2. Navigate to Applications
    3. Select Browse App Catalog 
    4. Search for “Dialpad” and select the Dialpad (SAML, Provisioning) integrationScreen_Shot_2022-05-09_at_8.11.30_AM.png
    5. Select Add, enter an Application Label 
    6. Select Done


    That's it! You'll now see the Dialpad application instance created for your org.

    Step 2 - Configure Dialpad service provider attributes into Okta

    Next, it's time to configure your Dialpad service provider attributes into Okta. 

    In another tab, navigate to your Dialpad web portal Admin Settings 
    1. Select Company Settings
    2. Select Authentication 
    3. Select SAML 
    4. Select Okta from the provider drop-down


    In the Okta admin tab of the browser, where the Dialpad application was previously configured, navigate to Sign On and click on Edit


    Navigate to Advanced Sign-On Settings, and paste the SP (Service Provider) related attributes in the corresponding fields:


    Navigate to Credentials Details, choose the Application username format as Email, and click on Save.


    Step 3 - Configure Okta identity provider attributes into Dialpad

    Now it's time to configure the Okta identity provider attributes into Dialpad. 

    From the Okta admin tab of the browser, where the Dialpad application was previously configured:

    1. Navigate to the Sign On tab 
    2. Select View Setup Instructions                                                                                  Screen_Shot_2022-05-09_at_8.24.49_AM.png
    3. Take note of the IDP Entity ID(Issuer), IDP SSO URL, and Certificate
      1. That the actual values would differ, reflecting your org URL in OktaScreen_Shot_2022-05-09_at_8.25.31_AM.png
    4. Navigate back to your Okta SAMLConfiguration page on the Dialpad web portal to paste in your values and save your changes.


    Step 4 - Login with Okta

    To make life nice and easy, Users can log in with Okta right from their Dialpad app (desktop + mobile), or web portal. 

    Before a User can use Okta SSO, they must already exist within Okta, and be provisioned in Dialpad.
    To log into Dialpad with Okta, simply select Login with another provider                                                                                   Screen_Shot_2022-05-09_at_8.30.23_AM.png

    1. Enter the domain of your Company       Screen_Shot_2022-05-09_at_8.32.11_AM.png
    2. Enter your Okta credentials 
    3. Select Sign In





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