Intercom + Dialpad Meetings
    • 30 May 2023
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    Intercom + Dialpad Meetings

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    Article summary

    Dialpad Meetings' Intercom integration gives you online meeting functionality within Messenger, allowing you to:

    • Resolve customer issues faster with seamless join flows 
    • Hop into a screen share right from inside Intercom
    • Offer a personal touch to customer support with HD quality video streams
    • Stay on track with Ai powered summaries that capture meeting notes

    Let's take a look at this integration.

    Who Can Use This Feature
    The Dialpad Meetings + Intercom integration is available to users with a Dialpad Meetings and Intercom account.

    Install the Integration

    To install the Dialpad Meetings Intercom integration, head to the Intercom App Store.

    1. Search for Dialpad Meetings
    2. Select Install
    3. Authorize access and grant permissions
    4. Make sure you're logged in to your Dialpad Meetings account

    That's it, you're ready to go!

    If you’re having trouble installing apps from the Intercom App store, reach out to your Intercom Admin to give you access.

    Launch a Meeting from Intercom

    Easily launch a meeting directly within Intercom chat, right from your Inbox.

    1. Click the Dialpad Meetings logo during your chat to pop up your meeting details. 
    2. Select Send
    3. Select Click to join 

    That's it, it's really that simple!

    The prospect or customer you’re chatting with will see the same Dialpad Meetings join options — they'll just need to select 'Click to join' to join the Meeting. 


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