Dialpad University
    • 11 Apr 2024
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    Dialpad University

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    Dialpad University is an online platform that offers free interactive courses and resources to help teams learn about Dialpad. It provides videos and courses on topics like AI integrations and admin settings. The platform has two learning paths for admins and users to optimize their Dialpad experience. Users can access the university directly from the Dialpad app or the Admin portal. There are also short videos available for quick access. Learners have the flexibility to choose specific courses or modules based on their interests and needs, and they can learn at their own pace. DPU includes resources for customer support and issue resolution, reducing the need to contact customer support directly. Badges/certifications are offered upon completion of courses, which can enhance professional credibility. Dialpad University is available to paid users only, not during the free trial period.

    Set your team up for success by taking the time to learn the ins and outs of Dialpad!
    Dialpad University is a free online platform that offers interactive courses and resources to guide teams through onboarding and continuous learning. The platform offers a range of videos and courses covering AI integrations, admin settings, and much more.

    Let's dive into the details. 

    Who can use this feature
    Dialpad University is available to all Dialpad users on any plan (excluding free trials).


    Dialpad University (DPU) offers a full catalog of videos, courses, and other helpful resources. 

    With two distinct learning paths, both admins and users can learn how to optimize their Dialpad experience. 


    DPU offers multiple learning paths, each with a unique set of courses. 

    We’re constantly adding new courses, the list below is just a short snippet of what’s available. 

    Check out DPU to see the full course catalog, and learn how to set up and maximize your Dialpad experience.

    • Set up Your Desk Phone
    • Set up Your Headset and Mic
    • Port Your Numbers
    • Company Settings
    • Office Settings
    • IVR Workflows
    • Departments
    • Ai Contact Center
    • Geo Routing

    How to access Dialpad University

    Access Dialpad University directly from https://university.dialpad.com

    You can also access DPU from:

    1. The Dialpad app, via the options menu
    2. The Admin portal, via the Help menu


    Don't have the time to enroll in a course? Check out Dialpad University's YouTube channel for 24/7 access to all of our short videos. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I have to take all the courses?

    Nope! You can personalize your learning experience by selecting only specific courses or modules that align with your interests and needs. 

    Do I have to take the courses within a certain time?

    No, DPU offers complete flexibility, letting you learn at your own pace. This makes our classes especially valuable for busy professionals as they can access training materials at any time of day. 

    Can DPU help me troubleshoot issues?

    Absolutely! DPU includes resources for customer support and issue resolution. Customers can learn how to troubleshoot common problems or find answers to frequently asked questions, reducing the need to contact customer support directly.

    Is DPU best for new or existing users?

    Both! New Dialers can use DPU to ensure a smooth onboarding process and quickly get up to speed with our products. Existing Dialers can continue their Dialpad education to ensure their teams are getting the most out of Dialpad's robust features.

    Will I get a certification?

    Yep! DPU offers badges/certifications upon completion of courses or training programs. These certificates can enhance your resume and professional credibility.

    Can I use Dialpad University during my free trial?

    Unfortunately, no. Dialpad University is available to paid users only. 

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