Dialpad for Salesforce Classic
    • 10 Jul 2024
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    Dialpad for Salesforce Classic

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    Dialpad for Salesforce enables companies to break down silos and seamlessly connect—with sales and service calls that live natively inside Salesforce to deliver more engaging experiences and improve agent productivity using Dialpad's robust features. 

    Let's take a look at the integration process for Salesforce Users on the Classic Salesforce platform. 

    Who can use this feature
    The Salesforce Classic integration is currently available to Ai Sales, and Contact Center customers, as well as Dialpad Ai Voice users on Pro and Enterprise plans.

    Install Classic

    To install Salesforce Classic for all users:

    1. Select Dialpad for Salesforce from the AppExchange
      • Make sure you're using the most recent package — we're onV1.770
    2. Select Install for All Users, then Install


    Enable Classic

    Once the package has installed, you'll have the option to enable the Classic integration for individual users or your entire team. 

    Here's how:

    1. Select the + icon on your top navigation menu
    2. Select Dialpad on the displayed list
    3. Under Manage Users, check individual users from the list
    4. Select Add Users to finalize


    Uninstall Classic

    To uninstall the Salesforce Classic integration:

    1. Select your name, then Set Up
    2. Navigate to App Set Up
    3. Select Installed Packages
    4. Next to Dialpad for Salesforce, select Uninstall
    5. On the Uninstall screen, select Do Not Save a Copy...
    6. Select Uninstall
    7. Navigate to Uninstalled Packages,  Delete next to Dialpad for Salesforce

    Visit this Help Center article to find answers for frequently asked questions regarding Dialpad for Salesforce Classic.

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