Call Rate FAQs
    • 21 Mar 2024
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    Call Rate FAQs

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    Dialpad offers unlimited local inbound and outbound calling within the US and Canada. Calls are billed per minute, while texts are billed per message. International calling rates apply for calls outside of the US and Canada. Inbound calls to local Dialpad numbers are free, but toll-free lines incur charges. Calling a toll-free number from another toll-free number is often blocked as it shifts the cost unfairly. Dialpad disables calls to certain high-cost jurisdictions by default to protect customers from potential toll fraud. Customers can request in writing to enable calls to these areas. Calling satellite phones is possible but requires enabling the feature due to high per minute costs.

    Dialpad offers unlimited local inbound and outbound calling within your country, the US, and Canada. 

    Let's take a look at common call rate questions. 

    How are rates billed?

    Calls are billed per minute, and texts are billed per message.

    Charges vary between plans. For example, a Ai Voice User can call anywhere in the USA (including AK and HI) without cost. However, Users on a Contact Center or Ai Sales plan will be billed. 

    Be sure to check our rates for full details. 

    When do calling rates apply?

    International calling rates apply for calls placed outside of your country, the US, and Canada.

    Check our current rates at

    Can I receive a collect call?

    No. Dialpad does not currently have a feature that allows a User to accept charges for collect calls.

    Are inbound calls free?

    This depends on your plan, and on the number type that is being called into. 

    Inbound calls to your local Dialpad numbers are free for Dialpad Ai Voice Users, while Users on Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales licenses are charged per-minute rates.

    Inbound calls to toll-free lines will be billed for Users on all plan types.

    What happens if I call a toll-free number from my toll-free number?

    If you try to call a toll-free number from your toll-free number, there is a very strong chance of the call being blocked.

    Toll-free numbers are typically provided to allow customers to contact them without incurring any charges. If you use a toll-free number to call another toll-free number, you’re essentially shifting the cost of the call back to the owner of the first toll-free number, which can be seen as unfair or unethical and is often blocked or flagged by carriers.

    Some toll-free numbers only allow calls from specific countries. As toll-free numbers are not associated with a specific region, the call might fail due to routing or billing issues within the receiving carrier’s network.

    To ensure a successful call, Dialpad strongly recommends you place the call from a local number when calling a toll-free number.

    I've enabled International Services, and I have Call Credits, but I can't seem to call a specific country — why not?

    Dialpad helps protect its customers from potential toll fraud by disabling calls to certain high-cost jurisdictions by default. Because enabling service to these areas creates a risk of potentially very high usage fees if there is misuse by customer employees or breaches of customer security, we ask customers to submit a request in writing to customer service to enable calls to a given high-cost jurisdiction. This ensures that customers are aware of their responsibility for the security and oversight of their usage, as well as for all usage fees generated by access to their system, whether authorized or unauthorized. Reach out to Dialpad Customer Support to see if we can enable calling to your desired country.

    Can I call a Satellite phone?

    Yes, but due to the high per-minute costs of calling satellite phones, you'll need to reach out to Customer Support to enable this feature. 

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