Add a Secondary Admin
    • 12 Sep 2023
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    Add a Secondary Admin

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    Article summary

    Need to share some Admin capabilities? Just make them a Secondary Admin!

    Let's dive into how to add a Secondary Admin.

    Who can use this feature
    To add a secondary Admin, you'll need a Dialpad Meetings Business license while serving as the primary Admin.

    How to add a secondary Admin

    To add a secondary Admin, select the Team icon from the Dialpad Meetings dashboard.


    1. Navigate to Active Accounts
    2. Select the desired User
    3. Select Action
    4. Select Make Admin
    Secondary Admins do not have the ability to make any purchases or modify billing information.

    What can a secondary Admin do?

    Once granted Secondary Admin permissions, the new Admin can:

    • Change team settings
    • Create accounts
    • Send invites/delete invites
    • Downgrade users
    • Upgrade users to toll-free

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