Provision Poly Edge B Devices to Dialpad
  • 29 Sep 2023
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Provision Poly Edge B Devices to Dialpad

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Article Summary

Dialpad is proud to support Polycom desk phones, both with and without Obi firmware. 

The Poly Edge B family delivers a full-featured Dialpad experience on Obi firmware in an affordable offering.

Let's go over how to configure Edge B devices to set you up for success. 

Obi firmware compatibility

Edge B devices use a different Obi firmware than their VVX Obi Edition counterparts. The current and tested Edge B Firmware is version 1.0.2.

Your Polycom phone must be on the list of Supported Desk Phones, and be using the listed firmware.

Factory reset

Before starting the provisioning process, a simple Factory Reset (also known as a hard reset) is recommended to ensure any previous configuration does not interfere with your Dialpad service.  Don’t worry, it won’t remove the device’s operating system, it will just set everything back to its original settings.

To reset your Poly Obi Edition device from a browser:

Open a browser to display the Poly Obi-Edition phone’s web interface:

  1. Navigate to System Management
  2. Navigate to Device Update
  3. Navigate to Reset Configuration at the bottom of the page
  4. Select Reset, and then OK to confirm 

To reset your Poly Obi Edition device from the phone:

  1. Press the Home button
  2. Use the directional arrows to highlight Settings
  3. Press the center Ok button
  4. Press the softkey marked Factory Reset
  5. Enter the Admin Password for the device (admin)

Provision to Dialpad

If your Device is confirmed to be an Obi-revision model and has Obi FW already, setup is done by accessing the Local IP and configuring the phone’s settings on the web server on that IP.

  1. With the device on, press the Home button and access Settings
    • Record the IP address
  2. Access the IP address in a new browser tab using HTTPS (HTTP is unlikely to work)
  3. Navigate to System Management
  4. Select Auto Provisioning
  5. Under Auto Provisioning, the ITSP Provisioning section must be manually configured
  6. elect Submit
  7. Reboot the device

Once the device has rebooted;

  1. Log into the Web Interface (acquire the IP Address by Navigating to Home and Selecting Settings, the address will be displayed under Network)
  2. Enter the IP address into a browser and press enter
  3. Enter the following credentials:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin 
  4. Navigate to System Management
  5. Select Auto Provisioning
  6. Under Auto Firmware Update
    • Uncheck Method
    • Uncheck Firmware URL
  7. Select System Start (from the dropdown Menu for Method)
  8. Enter the following Firmware URL:

That's it! This completes the provisioning of a phone already running Obi firmware.

Once the phone says Dialpad Activate, it is ready to be activated by an end user.

Frequently asked questions

My phone rebooted multiple times, is this okay?

Yes. A successful result will see the phone reboot several times, possibly update firmware, and then shows Dialpad Activate on line 1 in the top left of the screen. 

How long does provisioning take?

If a firmware change is required, this can require 8-10 minutes to complete, otherwise, normal provisioning can be done in roughly 2-3 minutes.

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