Swap & Reassign Numbers
  • 12 Sep 2023
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Swap & Reassign Numbers

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Article Summary

Just because you were assigned a number in Dialpad doesn't mean you're stuck with it.

Let's take a look at how to swap and reassign numbers. 

Who can use this feature
Office and Company Admins on Standard, Pro and Enterprise planscan swap or reassign numbers.  

* This feature is not supported while on a Free Trial.

Swap a Number

Need to swap your User's primary number for another one?

Here's how:  

  • From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin Settings  
  • Navigate to Office Settings
  • Select  Users
  • Find your User and select Options 
  • Select Calling 
  • Select Swap Phone Number
  • From the pop-up window, you can choose the following:
    • Select by searching area code or major city name for a number
    • Select one of our suggested numbers 
    • Select Unassigned Numbers to pull from your unassigned pool 

Once you confirm the changes, your User's previous number will be placed in your Unassigned Numbers for you to access later on or reassign elsewhere.

Don't forget — there is a fee for maintaining numbers in your Reserve Pool.

Reassign an Unassigned or Reserved Number

New team members or perhaps a promotion deserved a new line? Here's how to reassign unassigned or reserved numbers:

  1. From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin Settings 
  2. Navigate to Office  and select Users 
  3. Select Reserved Numbers
  4. Find the unassigned number and select Options
  5. Choose Assign This Number from the drop down menu
  6. From the pop-up window, search for an Office, User, Department, or Contact Center
  7. Select Re-Assign and confirm any billing changes to finalize


Delete an Unassigned or Reserved Number

You also have the ability to remove an unassigned or reserved number from this page if you no longer wish to own that number:

  • From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin Settings
  • Navigate to Office 
  • Select Users
  • Select Reserved Numbers
  • Find the unassigned number and select Remove this number
    • If you'd like to remove numbers in bulk, fill the checkboxes next to the numbers and select the Trash icon at the top
  • Confirm your changes to remove the number(s)


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