Dialpad + AutoReach
  • 07 Jun 2023
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Dialpad + AutoReach

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Article Summary

AutoReach's power dialer and campaign management for Dialpad enable your contact center to leverage Dialpad's communications platform with an industry-leading dialer. It equips your team with a full suite of features to operate a modern, high-volume outbound contact center with best-in-class call quality and reliability.

Key Features include:

  •  Open APIs and pre-built integrations to connect into any 3rd party or home grown business applications 
  •  Campaign management to plan, execute, and track theme-based initiatives
  •  Segment your contacts with dynamic and static call lists
  •  Multi-channel phone and SMS cadences so that contacts are reached at the appropriate time, every time

Let's dive into the details of using this integration. 

Who Can Use This Feature
The Dialpad AutoReach integration is available to AutoReach users with a Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Contact Center or Ai Sales plans, at the Pro or Enterprise level.

Enable AutoReach

To enable AutoReach, contact your Customer Success Manager (if you're not sure who your Customer Success Manager is, email customersuccessteam@dialpad.com).

You'll have the choice of 3 fantastic AutoReach plans:


Next up, you'll need to follow these first-time-login steps. 

  1. Navigate to our partner login page
  2. Select the Dialpad logo to authenticate your account using Dialpad's SSO
  3. Select 'Allow'

That's it! You're now ready to use Dialpad's AutoReach integration.


AutoReach Features

Power dialing and best-time-to-call reporting can increase your team’s connect rates by 30% and talk time by 300%. Screen pop and dynamic scripting make sure agents are always prepared to say the right thing at the right time.The agent can look through the information and decide if they want to dial.

Let's go over a few of the AutoReach features in more detail.

Preview Dialer

The preview dialer operates using a one-to-one calling ratio, which allows your agent to preview the record. 

Power Dialer

Power Dialing also uses a one-to-one call ratio, meaning it will place a call only while an agent is available to handle the call. The main difference is that the system is initiating the call, not the agent.

Cadence SMS

Create message templates and send SMS as part of a cadence. You can choose when and how many messages and triggered over a select period of time. Combine with phone steps for optimal chances of connecting with customers.

Campaign Management

‍Connect your data sources and create dynamic campaigns that maximize your chance of success. Stay compliant with integrations to DNC.com


How do I upload contacts?

Dial-able records can be uploaded into AutoReach via CSV or automatic recurring syncs with our  pre-built/custom integrations and APIs.

Do existing Dialpad contacts automatically transfer into AutoReach?

If a record has an associated external URL during the import/upload, AutoReach will screenpop to that URL destination

Will I be calling from Dialpad or AutoReach? 

AutoReach leverages Dialpad as the communications endpoint to make phone calls and send automated SMS messages while AutoReach handles all of the campaign management and routing. The Dialpad CTI (mini dialer) is embedded into the AutoReach UI so that an agent has best user experience possible with one location to run campaigns and handle phone calls.

Can I enable AutoReach for individual users, or does it have to be the entire office?

AutoReach admins can enable access for whichever User(s) they desire.

Why don't I see AutoReach in my list of integrations?

AutoReach is managed in a separate UI outside of the Dialpad admin settings. 

Is there a minimum number of users?

Contracts for Professional licenses with monthly contract terms require a minimum purchase of 3 seats - otherwise, there are no limitations.

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